Soccer Programs

Cherubs (Beginners)

This program caters to the 3 – 5 year old player that has lots of energy stored up, and wants to get out on the field and let loose!  This is for the player that wants to get touches on the ball and learn the overall fundamentals of soccer.  Our coaches and volunteers make training sessions fun.  Each session teaches the boy or girl skills, while learning a game they enjoy.  The objective is to conduct training for several players that fall in this same range.  If the player or his/her parents decide they want to continue growing with this sport, they are then moved to a team in their age group.

Seraphim (Academy)

This is a training program aimed to the 6 – 10 year old player that was created to help build the player and prepare him or her for the Select/Competitive Program.  While this player may already have basic skills, he or she is further taught other skills needed to play soccer; he or she is also taught to have great manners, respect their elders, acquire more qualities of a soccer player, and is helped to become a well-rounded individual on and off the field.  This person is a Student with the best grades, knows the sacrifice needed to be the best, loves to play, and eats nutritiously to stay in shape.  Training is something this player loves to do and he or she does it because he or she knows that hard work leads to success.

Archangels (Select/Competitive)

The AZALEX ANGELOS FC believes that the pursuit of excellence in sports helps to develop maturity in children and young adults and that the experiences a player has with the Club will be beneficial throughout his or her lifetime.  The Club believes that a youth sports program should be holistic and that competition should produce more than wins.

Winning and competition are only part of the equation of a successful program or season.  Winning is transient, but the life skills learned on the field of play and in training sessions are enduring and last a lifetime.  Good sportsmanship, physical fitness, goal-setting, self-evaluation, problem-solving, dealing with disappointment, developing a positive self-concept, and group loyalty are skills and ideals which can be utilized long after a player’s career has ended.  Not only this, each player is taught to Persevere, to be Respectful, as well as to have Integrity and be Disciplined in all that they do, and to always strive for Excellence.  To this end, the Club will aim to instill these skills that will enhance a child’s development as he or she matures to adulthood.