Archangels (Select/Competitive)


The Archangel (Select/Competitive) soccer program is designed for serious players between 11 – 19 years of age who plan to play College-level and/or Professional Soccer.  Select/Competitive soccer requires a significant time commitment.  Most teams practice at least 2 times per week and many teams play in 30 – 40 or more games per year.  Player tryouts usually begin July 1.  Teams frequently have training/conditioning camps in July. League tryouts are usually the last weeks in July or first weeks in August.  Many teams play in Labor Day tournaments.

Most leagues begin in late August or early September and continue right up to Thanksgiving (sometimes beyond).  The Spring season usually begins in mid-February (with practice before that) and continues until late May (and sometimes beyond).  Some teams play in tournaments before the start of the Spring season.  Many teams play in multiple tournaments from Memorial Day weekend through the end of June.  And then it starts over for the next soccer year.

Club Training Sessions are MANDATORY.  Please do not expect to play – unless you attend each scheduled practice with your team or a substituted practice.  Players must realize that this is NOT recreational soccer.  Players must be prepared at every training session; they must bring a ball, shin guards, water, practice uniforms, and a serious attitude to learn and train hard to each and every practice.  Traveling to games on a regular basis is a part of playing Select/Competitive soccer.

Tournament travel will also be expected as this is part of developing to a higher level.  Distances may be further than anticipated.  Parents are NOT to coach during the match from anywhere around the field. Parents are spectators – they are there to enjoy the match and support the players.

In recreational soccer, the focus is most often on social interaction, “having fun” with friends, which often comes at the expense of instruction. In Select/Competitive soccer, similar to the Academy program, the focus in on teaching Technical/Tactical Skills, as well as Attacking, Shooting, Speed, and Agility in an enjoyable manner that is appropriate for the Player’s age level.  Individual skills and team tactics are taught and implemented in order to more fully develop the Player’s level of play.


In recreational soccer, teams are formed based on random selections from the player pool regardless of their level of ability or knowledge of the game.  In Select/Competitive soccer, teams are formed based on player “grading” during the Club’s tryouts.  Players in Select/Competitive Soccer sign contracts to play for a club for a year at a time.  The signing of contracts is permitted on July 1st for all players.  Signing contracts prior to these dates and post-dating the contract is strictly prohibited and is punishable by a severe sanction, which could include suspension for a period of time to be determined by the NTSSA Competitive Committee.  If any person asks you to sign a contract before this date, refuse to do so, and call North Texas State Soccer Association at (214) 297-5022 immediately and report the infraction.  This is a very serious matter and should not be taken lightly or ignored.  “Signing a contract” means actually writing your name on the contract.  Post-dating the contract is in direct violation of this rule.


Once you sign this contract, you are registered with the Club for the entire soccer year – July 1 through June 30 of next year. Even though June is a “free” month to practice with any team you want to, you will still be a registered player on this team through June 30 of next year unless you get a release from the team prior to April 1.

In order to guest play with another team, you have to receive a signed guest player release from your coach, even in June. In June, if your coach refuses to sign a guest player release, North Texas can sign it for you only if your team is not playing in any USSF sanctioned tournament during the time you want to guest play.

Select/Competitive soccer teams usually play from 2 – 5 tournaments per season whereas most recreational teams do not play any tournaments at all.  Select/Competitive soccer clubs may also choose to play indoor during off seasons.


In Select/Competitive soccer, teams typically practice twice a week and sometimes three times a week before critical tournaments or games. Select/Competitive teams also typically play one game per week on Saturday or Sunday and may on occasion play make-up league games mid-week.

The seasons consists of approximately 10 regular season games. Players should expect to play anywhere between 20 – 45 games total: 2 League seasons of about 10 games, up to 15+ tournament games, and possibly about 10 indoor games each year.

In Select/Competitive soccer, where games are played depends upon which league you are playing in. AZALEX ANGELOS FC looks forward to playing this season in the Plano Premiere Invitational League so all of our league games will be held in Plano, Texas. We also look forward to playing indoor soccer during the winter at a location yet to be determined.


Our costs are very reasonable and affordable.  In recreational soccer, costs cover league fees and uniforms.  In Select/Competitive soccer, the club forms a budget for the year and the monies due are split amongst the members of the team.  Furthermore, the club may collect additional money for uniforms, tournaments, indoor play, and special training camps and clinics.

All monies collected go towards team costs. Costs in Select/Competitive soccer will include things such as regular season fees, referee fees, uniforms, tournament fees, indoor fees, camps, clinics, etc.

Our Select/Competitive team trainings are fast-paced and skill-specific. Training sessions are 60 – 90 minutes, twice per week. Teams are limited to no more than 25 players per team, per age group. If there are not sufficient players in an age group to fill one age-specific team, the younger players may be moved up to an older age group so that there may be a better opportunity for the player to participate in a Select/Competitive team.

Club Tryouts/Training Sessions begin the last week of June.  There will be 2 training sessions per week during the active Fall and Spring seasons.  A one-year contract will be signed by the player and his parents.  The contract will run from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018.  The cost to participate in a Select/Competitive team is:

  • Financially-Accessible: $150 per month paid in TWELVE (12) payments on the first day of the month, July through June, for a TOTAL cost of $1800;
  • Most Popular: $425 per month paid in FOUR (4) payments on July 1, October 1, January 1, and April 1 for a TOTAL cost of $1700; or
  • Least Expensive: ONE (1) payment on July 1 for a TOTAL of $1600.

Practice Jerseys and Team Uniforms must be purchased separately from the Club by emailing Please specify the size and jersey number (this will be determined by your child’s team coach after contract signing).


To register, please email or call 469-969-5061.


  • Club Practice Uniform
  • Soccer Cleats
  • Soccer Ball (Size 5)
  • Shin guards
  • Water Bottle


  • Technical Skills
  • Attacking and Shooting
  • Tactical Skills
  • Speed and Agility
  • Other Skills as Assigned

Spaces will fill up quickly. Please email for more information.

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